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Our unique instructional materials utilize a tactile approach to learning that children enjoy. Students actually learn by physically doing the work instead of simply listening to a lecture. 

Our founder is a former teacher and during her time teaching she implemented these materials with her own students. What she saw amazed her! Her students were much more engaged and actually seemed to enjoy learning. Best of all, they were learning to their competency and at an extraordinarily efficient rate–even the students who had been falling behind. She is now a principal and actively uses kinesthetic learning throughout her own school with her instructors. Clients rave about our products. We've had countless teachers tell us that their students are mastering skills at a quicker pace! 

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What is a Kinesthetic Learner?

They Learn By Doing

Kinesthetic Learners prefer a hands-on approach and perform best when given the opportunity to do the activity or lesson.

They Learn Through Movement

Kinesthetic Learners prefer to learn through physical activity and being able to manipulate materials.

They Need Frequent Breaks

They find it hard to sit for long periods of time and may become distracted easily; therefore needing frequent breaks.


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